Selecting Your Keynote Speaker

speakerInviting an event speaker is one of the crucial, if not the most important, things that you have to accomplish when arranging a lecture. A keynote speaker is someone who is chosen to speak in front of an audience due to his expertise or knowledge about the theme for the event. Well, there are a lot of factors that help organizers decide which person to invite as speaker.

If you are planning to conduct a conference or lecture anytime soon and you are thinking of inviting a speaker for your event, there are five things that you must consider:

1. He must be an expert in his field.

The most obvious reason why a person is selected to be the keynote speaker of an event is because he is knowledgeable when it comes to the topic at hand. The speaker to be chosen must not just be someone engaged in an industry, but he must also be well-respected in said field. Simply put, a prominent person will attract more potential listeners and will be a more credible source of information.

2. He must speak well.

Of course, it is not enough that you find someone who is an expert in his work. He must also be experienced when it comes to speaking engagements. There are a lot of successful professionals who are good role models but they are not comfortable with speaking in front of many people. If you insist on inviting someone who is shy or too reserved, your audience will just get bored and you will end up with a dull event.

When you are looking for possible speakers for your event, the ability to deliver speeches in front of an audience should be a crucial qualification.

3. He must relate well to his audience.

Inviting a 67-year old businessman to give a lecture to an audience of high school students may not be the wisest thing you could do as an event organizer. When you are looking for a keynote speaker, you must take into consideration the ability of the speaker to connect with his audience. Although that businessman will be inspiring to the young students, he will nevertheless have difficulty imparting his knowledge due to the significant age gap. As much as possible, invite someone who can relate well with your listeners.

4. He must be available at your scheduled event.

The wise thing to do when preparing for a lecture is to look for a keynote speaker first. From the time you have secured a speaker, the booking of a venue and choosing of a date should follow. The rationale behind this order of priorities is because you will have to adjust to your chosen speaker’s availability.

There are some cases when the event details are already laid out but you do not have a speaker to grace your event. If this happens, you have to make sure that your chosen keynote speaker will be available on your selected date. At times, your speaker’s schedule and your event date may be difficult to reconcile but it is not at all impossible.

5. His fee is affordable.

It is only practical that you invite a speaker whose fee you can afford. From the very beginning, you should take note of your funds for your event. Once you have identified how much you can spend, you should find speakers whose fees are within your budget. Nonetheless, you should know that there are a lot of speakers whose services do not cost much or are willing to conduct a lecture for free. Thus, you should not have much trouble when it comes to this matter.

Overall, getting a speaker for your event isn’t really hard, especially since you simply have to follow these pointers.

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Influence expert Garrison Wynn is a keynote speaker known for his entertaining, customized and research driven programs.
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How to Buy a Quality Callaway Golf Bag

Women are known to be fond of bags and shoes. What a lot of people do not realize is that men are also fond of their bags and shoes. On the greens, the Callaway golf bag and golf shoes are considered to be essential. There are different styles and types of golf bags these days. These are supposed to be functional and practical especially when the golfer is fond of playing long courses. The right bag will spell the difference between having enough energy to finish the game and having to sit it out right in the middle of the course.

Callaway golfThe golf bag would basically have several compartments, mainly for the clubs and a few smaller ones for coins, IDs, keys, mobile phones, and other small items. Your choice of configuration would depend on what you want to have on the course with you. There are some bags that even have compartments for drinking bottles and snacks. Think about what you normally have to deal with while you are playing and look for a bag that would have enough room for all the things you need on the course.

When buying a Callaway golf bag, take the following factors in consideration:

Durability – of course, you want your bag to be durable. You do not want a bag that with bottom stitching that would come loose just after you’ve used it for the second time. This is not something that you have to purchase on a regular basis. You can actually use your Callaway golf bag for a long time until it breaks or gets damaged. Choose bags that are made of sturdy material and construction. Leather is always a good choice, although there are other materials that can be treated to be stronger and weather resistant.

Portability – golf is a walking game. You have to lug your equipment with you from one hole to another. It’s not every time when there is a caddy or golf cart available for you to use. Even if you can get help carrying your golf bag, you still want it to be convenient enough to carry. There are golf bags with wheels or perhaps you can get one with a cart attachment. You have to make sure that your Callaway golf bag can easily be loaded into a golf cart or slung over your shoulder. Off the course, your golf bag should also easily fit into your car trunk and in any storage place you have at home.

Easy Maintenance – your golf bag will be used under hardy circumstances. You cannot have a bag that requires special treatment. It’s going to be exposed to the sun, soil, and even water. At the end of the day, you want a bag that you can easily clean when you get home. You do not want to have to worry about your bag being damaged by the elements. Always keep a rag in your bag to wipe away any moisture. Even if your bag is durable and easy to maintain, it is not an excuse not to take care of it. It would not hurt to treat it with a little care on and off the greens.

You do not need to have the most expensive bag in the Callaway golf bag line. What is important is that you have a bag that serves your purpose. Of course, it also has to be a bag that you can actually afford. Splurging on a golf bag and not having enough money left for your other golf equipment needs would be impractical. If you are on a budget, resist the urge to buy on impulse. Ask around and do a search of the best deals that you can find. Bargains can be found all year round. You will save more money by doing so and you will have more money to spend for your green fees or for your other golfing needs, apparel, and equipment.

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The Coin Ritual

Have you ever heard of challenge coins?Nope, these are not shiny objects found in the arcade, nor something you can buy food with. These items are part of a grand tradition, a custom practiced by some organizations and even a powerful unit in the country – the Military.

So what’s the connection of coins with the forces that protect our nation? We’ll walk you through the idea of challenge coins and the concepts surrounding it.

The main idea behind the use of these coins is identity. While companies have identification cards given to their employees, bearing their name, employee number, and signatures, other organizations have these coins that bear their companies insignia, or their coat of arms. Bearers of this coin associate their membership to the organization whose insignia is reflected in the coin.

Challenge CoinsThe history of challenge coins can be traced back decades ago. The earliest users of the coins are the members military, specifically during the World War I. As the soldiers travelled away to the war, uncertain of their futures or prospects of coming back, they kept a coin from their homes as a remembrance of their households, and remained in their pockets as a keepsake after the conflict.

Other stories about the origins of the coin are also present. One of which allegedly took place in Ancient Rome. The coin was a reward for a soldier’s valor. If a soldier performs well in his duties, we will receive his daily wage, with a separate coin as recognition of his good performance. The coin, some say, is emblemed with a special insignia, which is why some people who receive it opt to keep it as a token of their hardwork.

Another story about the origins of the coin talks about the Korean War. A colonel allegedly had coins made for his men to wear during the war. The coins had a hold in the middle, so the soldiers can wear it around their necks.

Truth be told, the history of the challenge coins is very difficult to trace back. But what Is consistent throughout all of the stories is its presence in wars and the military. The coin is generally a symbol of the men’s bravery during the time of war. It is a keepsake, a token of their service to the country. It is their pride as soldiers, their identities as part of a unit. The coins are also a way to identify the members of the unit and avoid infiltration by spies. By using coins, military units are able to weed out potential espionage and remain in confidentiality.

These days, the coin has been adapted as a symbol of identity by many organizations, and has become part of an interesting rite. Simply put, you need to always bring your coin, or you’ll be buying everyone drinks.

That’s the challenge part. When one shows his coin, everyone else who is supposed to be a member of the organization must be able to show their coin to prove their membership. If everyone is able to show their coin, then the challenger must buy everyone drinks. Failure to follow these protocols will result to confiscation of the coin. This activity can be done anywhere and anytime.

This system can help unify the military organization, and obviously a fun way to get some free drinks. It’s amazing to participate in this rite with rich history. Even government officials and presidents of the United States have their own challenge coins. Dignitaries and international partners are also presented a coin as a sign of welcome to the country. Above all, it’s a celebration of service and valor to the country.

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What are Customized Logo Lanyards?

Lanyards are used not just for carrying IDs or keys but also for holding valuable items such as IPods and USBs. Though first used in the military to hold whistles, pistols and swords, the use of lanyard has evolved through time. Its design has changed and different materials are now used in making it compared to the traditional lanyards made of cord or rope.

Among the most popular lanyards today are the logo lanyards. Logo lanyards bear the logo, text or brand of a certain company of organization and it is usually used for identification purposes and worn as part of their uniforms.

Logo lanyards are made from different materials and open for customization. Customers can choose what type of material will be used to make the lanyards as well as provide the design that will be printed on it.

The most common materials used in making lanyards are weaving fibers, polyester and nylon. These materials are used to make the following types of lanyards: woven lanyards, polyester lanyards, nylon lanyards, tubular lanyards and blank lanyards.

logo lanyardsThe polyester is the most inexpensive material used in making lanyards. However, it is also able to produce high quality lanyards. It can be used to make tubular and even blank lanyards. Tubular lanyards are made by weaving the polyester to make a tube like form that resembles that of a shoe lace. Blank lanyards have smoother and softer finish for a classier look.

Nylon lanyards are more expensive that polyester lanyards. However, it is also the one with highest quality. It has a softer and smoother finish and is sturdier and harder than lanyards made of other materials. It is more durable and lasts longer.

Woven lanyards are made by weaving the fibers to form the design. This is more complex to make but is also less expensive compared to nylon lanyards. The weaving fibers used are less expensive, just like polyester, but also produces high quality lanyards. It is also affordable and durable.

Aside from the materials, there are also different printing techniques used to transfer the design to the lanyards. These are screen printing, hot stamping, dye sublimation, full coloring and embossing.

Embossing is one of the easiest techniques. However, this one is more suited for lanyards made of leather and similar materials. This is used to make raised or 3D like designs on the lanyard.

The full coloring technique contains a wider range of colors in printing the design. Aside from the primary and secondary colors it also uses magenta and cyan to create different strengths and intensities in the design.

Dye sublimation involves embedding the design on the lanyards. This way, the design is printed on both sides of the lanyard, though one side has a darker or more distinct print while the other has a weaker or more faded print.

Another common technique used in making lanyards is hot stamping. Hot stamping uses heat to transfer color and print to the lanyard. This involves using a color film and metal plate engraved with design. The color is transferred to the lanyard and the engravings on the metal plate create empty spaces that comprise the printed design.

The last technique is the screen printing. Though this technique is less expensive, it is more tedious since the design is printed manually. This involves the use of screens to transfer the design. Ink is sprayed onto the screens that contain the design.

Logo lanyards are durable and functional accessories that are affordable. Lanyards last for years, depending on the material used to make it and how the owner takes care of it.

Author Bio:

Flat Polyester lanyards are our most popular lanyard style we offer. This style offers the best balance between price and performance of any lanyards. Our flat polyester lanyards are comfortable to wear and feature distinct, well-printed image quality, all at an unbeatable price.

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Common Space Setups of a Movable Cubicle and Customizations

The availability of movable cubicle minimized the need of constructing offices and rooms from scratch using a long list of materials. Companies can setup additional spaces and offices faster. Customizing these spaces based on required setup is also possible with the options offered by service providers. Common space setups and customizations are as follows:

On-site offices

Movable CubicleWorksites like power plants and construction areas usually have movable cubicle offices. Among the first customizations installed are electrical lines to support office operations. Electrical wiring installation can be applied easily and concealed using various techniques carried out by professional electricians.

Shelving solutions, modular desks, and cabinets are also important for offices. Due to the space, these office essentials are built-in with smaller spaces than desks purchased from office supply stores. Nevertheless, surface sizes are sufficient to fit computers and file boxes.

Good lighting solution is also important to ensure employees can do their jobs. Different lighting solutions and designs will look great inside these portable offices as long as matched with good interior designing.

Employees’ shacks

On-site employees dispatched to far locations that prompt companies to provide temporary housing or shacks. A movable cubicle becomes the next best option for sites that are far from the city where rental places and accommodations are available.

Customizations available for cubicles to be used as shacks include built-in beds, insulation system, plumbing and electrical wirings. A cubicle can have numerous built-in beds or bunk beds depending on their sizes. Double-deck single beds are the best choices for companies needing to dispatch a lot of people on the site.

Environmental conditions may be extreme outdoors, which makes insulation systems important for employees’ shacks. Insulation system installation is easy in cubicles because they are similar to a house. Experts in insulation setup can do this job in no time.

Plumbing systems can be set up as long as water sources are available. Employees need to have good water supply while on site for both personal and work needs. Setting up pipes within and around the cubicle can be accomplished with assistance from expert plumbers.

Special storage space

Protecting sensitive company files and data is important for companies. In some cases, a company’s line of business revolves around their own data. Portable cubicles serve as good data storage sites because of their waterproof features and virtually indestructible frame. Often made from 12- to 14-gauge corrugated steel, a portable cubicle is a durable space that keeps intruders out and protects company files.

On the other hand, some portable container providers offer extra security feature for doors and other possible points of entry for this room. Additional security features are often high-end locks made with the latest technology installed with doors. They come in various designs that meet clients’ requirements.

Cooling stations

Companies with employees working in plants, industrial factories, and construction are expected to offer cooling stations for employees to keep them from heat stroke and for relaxation purposes. A movable cubicle becomes an instant cooling station after installing HVAC systems.

HVAC systems include a wide array of cooling and heating solutions that make employees comfortable. Experts installing HVAC systems can place these solutions in cubicles as long as the heating and cooling equipment are compatible with the installation site. HVAC professionals will assess the cubicle and setup its compatible systems to meet and maximize cooling and heating.

A movable cubicle goes beyond being a storage solution. Customizations meet owners and renters’ requirements, giving birth to more functionalities that save them money. Companies offering portable containers usually have customization services, but clients can also consult with expert contractors about altering these shacks’ features to fit their special requirements.


Author Bio:

The availability of movable cubicle minimized the need of constructing offices and rooms from scratch using a long list of materials. Companies can setup additional spaces and offices faster.

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Do-It-Yourself PCB Fabrication

It is a wonderful opportunity to create a piece of technology that functions properly, the way you really want it to be. Because of this, many college students opt to study in Universities that specialized in degree programs such as Electronics and Electronics and Communication. However, if you want to practice electronics at home, you can do so. This way, you can take your creativity, resourcefulness, and other skills to the next level by creating or recreating electronic projects that you are interested in.

This article lets you in on one of the most cost efficient ways to do your own PCB fabrication.

Planning your DIY PCB fabrication

PCB fabricationBefore you go out and buy the material that you think you need, you must first plan ahead. This way, you will purchase those that you need only and nothing more. It is a way to produce a cost efficient but definitely effective electronic device.

First off, think of what device you want to create or recreate. For example, you want to recreate a radio transistor. Carefully think out what components you will need in order to produce the required type of connection on the PCB. As you think about the device and the requirements for it to work, try to create a picture if it in your mind.

Next is to draw your schematic diagram. This is when your mental image of the device becomes necessary. Did you picture your device to be small or big? If you prefer a handier transistor radio, then you may need to sketch a smaller diagram. But you need to keep in mind that the smaller your schematic diagram is, the more elaborate and meticulous you should be in making the PCB.

While drawing the diagram, you should be aware of how many resistors, capacitors, diodes, and transistors are needed. Make way for an on and off switch. You may also want to add embellishments like led lights to indicate whether the device is on or not. Consider all of these things before you purchase anything.

The PCB fabrication procedure

The next step is to determine what etching method is the best for you. You can choose among four methods. This includes the acid etching method, UV etching method, mechanical or routing etching method, and the laser etching method. For homemade PCB, the most advisable is the Acid etching method.

In this method, materials are very much available in most hardware stores. However, this is also the slowest and the messiest. You can use Ferric Chloride or Ammonium Persulphate. These two chemicals attack metals such as copper (the usual conductor surface of a PCB).

After purchasing a board, the acid of your choice, electronic components, and a permanent marker (for masking the needed portions of the copper surface), you are now ready to conduct your PCB fabrication.

Draw the layout of the schematic diagram on the copper surface of the PCB using the permanent marker. This way, the needed part will not be corroded by acid. Once you have drawn the layout, set it aside to dry. Meanwhile, mix the Ferric Chloride granules with warm water. The more diluted the solution is, the less effective it will be. Submerge the PCB you have prepare in the solution.

After a while, the unneeded portions of the copper surface will be removed. You can now drill holes on appropriate parts of your PCB. Drill holes on ends of copper surfaces, so that you can mount the necessary components.

Then, mount the components and solder it using a soldering iron and lead. Let it cool down for a while, and then conduct a test experiment. If it works, then you have successfully done your DIY PCB fabrication!

Author Bio: your most reliable source for high quality and on time Printed Circuit Boards. Our quick turn PROTOTYPES are not just intended for testing and verification of designs. Every one of our boards meet IPC-A-600 F (Class2) standard, be it prototype or production.

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Using Lanyards for Business

Some people can still remember the days when they needed to pin their IDs to their shirts. For many of them, this was a dreadful experience because the pins had the tendency to pierce their fingers and it usually left a hole on the fabric after. Fortunately, those days are long gone because we now have lanyards.

If you’re heading a business or a company, having a customized lanyard for your employees proves to be a good investment. Its functionality is actually not limited to holding identification cards and security passes. It can be utilized effectively in various instances, and with lots of available designs, sizes, materials, and hardware, it is a sure winner for your intended purpose.

Why Lanyards are Important

The primary purpose of a lanyard is for identification and security. Instead of looking for your badge or ID card in your bag or in your pockets when you need to show it, you can just attach it to the lanyard which you can wear around your neck conveniently. It will be quicker and easier to access your card in this manner. It is a simple and effective way to have your badge displayed at the office, in a meeting, or in an event.

Effective and Useful Promotional Tools

LanyardsToday, companies have a lot of options for promotional tools, and these include the giveaways. While these materials are given for free, they are still much more affordable than TV and radio commercials as well as print and online advertisements. Some of the most common promotional items are t-shirts, caps, and jackets, but the problem with these is not a lot of people would be interested to wear them. Pens and coffee mugs used to be great marketing tools, but these days the use of lanyards seem to be more effective. This is because many people find the lanyard useful in their daily lives.

You can store a variety of things in your lanyard, such as your sunglasses, keys, and even your mobile phone. You can also attach your flash drive to keep it secure and accessible at the same time. Perhaps the best part about having lanyards as giveaways is that it is something that appeals to almost all age groups. Of course, it should have a neat and cool design so that people will not think twice about using it!

Brand recall and product awareness are mandatory to ensure the success of any company. If you want your business and your employees to have a reputable image, creating a customized lanyard would be a great move. You will just have to consider the printing method and the colors to make it distinct and eye-catching. Since having them made by the bulk is inexpensive, you can use them as part of the office dress code, in events, conferences, seminars, and other affairs as well.

Some Considerations

The use of the right color combinations, the right materials, and the right printing methods will ensure that the resulting lanyard will represent your company the way you want it to. This means that low-quality materials and design will give your business a bad name. It is therefore necessary to choose an experienced and dependable lanyard maker and supplier to ensure that you only get the best options for your lanyard. While it is tempting to pick flashy colors, the most preferable colors to use would be a combination of subdued tones. What you want is for it to be noticeable even from afar.

Investing in lanyards can certainly do great things for your business. The key is to make it look nice and striking so that everyone would prefer to wear them. If you are looking for a lanyard supplier and manufacturer, you may call or e-mail The Lanyard Authority to learn more about your options.

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Looking for a Space at Commercial Real Estate Long Island

Visiting the site itself after browsing for information online is a good move to check potential investments in commercial real estate Long Island. After all, you are the one parting with your own hard-earned money.

Some, not all, ads tend to exaggerate the features that can be found in a certain property when looking for a spot to lease or rent. Long Island is a laidback environment after all. This means that it needs to be glossed more on the brochures and on rental websites. It’s tough when you find out too late that the commercial real estate Long Island that the highly packaged features and amenities shown online and on their brochures are blah once you check it out yourself in person. Do that before some scammers succeed in getting your money.

Real EstateThere was this one incident where an entrepreneur brought some property outright without bothering to visit the site first prior to posting a payment. Lo and behold – the amenities that are advertised in full color and high definition slideshows turned out to be a dud. The beach did not have enough white sand to call it “pretty”. The spot itself was a cramped version of the ad placement and doing business overall is tough since it is situated in a particular area where you have more competitors than you can handle.

Competitors would not have been a bad thing if expectations are already set. What if you are not oriented well about the spot you have chosen? You have to explore the spot out for yourself.

If this sounded like one of those ocular visits that you need to do prior to buying a home for sale in li realestatefinder, chances are it is true if you are looking for a space at commercial real estate Long Island. Sellers would respect you more if you would set aside some time to visit the potential spot itself since that would be an opportunity for the brokers to offer you better and value-driven spots for lease and for sale. They get to talk to you in person and would sense the buying signs if you have them.

Now beware of some agents who try to upsell you various add-ons and items that may not be related to the spot you fancy in commercial real estate Long Island. Come to think of it. You are already there checking the property for yourself. You would know what features would spruce up the spot best once you have started construction for your business establishment. This is why it is important that prior to conducting the ocular inspection yourself, you have a clear-cut idea of how you would like your business to be so you would not be swayed into buying a property that you would regret much later as an investor.

One of the worst ways to lose money is seeing your expense report peppered with items that you should not have bought. You know better how to spruce up the spot itself. Don’t let other sales people take the decision-making process from you.

And if ever the spot came up short of expectations by the time you inspected it yourself, don’t feel bad about not buying anything for the meantime. Save the money until you have found a spot suitable to your business needs.

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